About the company
About the company

About the company

About the company "Great success consists of many foreseen and thought-out little things"
Today the factory "Svit mebliv - Ukraine" is one of the largest compsnies in the furniture industry of Ukraine. The high level of professionalism and creative potential of the team is a powerful engine of development and improvement of the company. 

The furbiture factory was founded in 2001. It all started with one small shop and the great enthusiasm of the founders. Today, production facilities are deployed on a territory of more than 9 hectares. THe factory has a full production cycle. Three full-fledged sections work on the production of cabinet furniture. In 2013, the technology was mastered and the production of ortopedic mattresses was launched. All products of the company are produced under TM "CM" Constsnt modernization of technological and production base is carried out. Also, there is constant quality control, materials and assembly of products. The materials used in the manufacture of furniture are enviromentally friendly and meet all standarts, confirmed by certificates.

Keeping abreast of trends in the furniture industry, the company dynamically introduces new technologies and releases new items that meet all the requirements of the modern buyer. Thanks to this, TM "CM" is respected and known not only at home, but also in the near and far abroad. A well-build dealer network  allows our clints to buy furniture of TM "CM" in any region of Ukraine, as well as in countrieas such as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Lithuania, Estonia, Bulgaria, Germany, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Greece, Canada, USA, Mongolia, Belarus, Romania, Hungary. 
Dear clients! All products wich are produced under TM "CM" ... 
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